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Lifestyle is a universe that refers to the family of everyday products for professional, high-level, amateur, urban or even Sunday athletes. It is simply the type of clothing, shoes or sports accessories that are used outside of training or competition periods. Marmon Sports is primarily aimed at athletes of all ages and their daily comfort.

Our brands are committed to developing collections that convey the values ​​of sport and are more committed to preserving our eco-system, with the constant aim of moving towards a greener carbon footprint. You will find among our categories more and more articles made from recycled materials and materials. We are all responsible for safeguarding our planet, which is why our choices are turning more to these product families (Vegan, Move to Zero, Prime Blue, Better Cotton Initiative, etc.).

Because we know our customers, we have chosen silhouettes that respond directly to their request. The basic sportsman, the occasional, the urban, the fan and even the vacationer will find what they are looking for in our wide range of products. You will find in our catalog the following brands: adidas, adidas originals, Asics, Champion, Comme Des Loups, Jordan, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok, The North Face and Under Armour.

Thanks to the retro collections on which brands, former fans or fans and others nostalgic for the 70s-80s-90s surf, times when the lifestyle in sport literally exploded, we also think of products from the golden age of Sneakers. This gives us access to exclusive clothing and/or footwear collections.