Boxing Beats

With the fist is born hope, from hope is born history

The Boxing Beats association was created in 1999 by Saïd BENNAJEM (champion of France 99) – sports director who was later joined by Sarah OURAHMOUNE (world champion 2008) – club project manager.

Salle de boxe Boxing Beats Aubervilliers

The Boxing Beats collective is an English boxing club located in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis. The club promotes sporting excellence with numerous titles of champion (nes) of France (more than 70 including 57 women), Europe and a world title (as well as various medals), participation in the Olympic Games in 2008. and a silver medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016. More than a boxing school, Boxing Beats accompanies athletes and young people from Aubervilliers and the surrounding area in the accomplishment of their academic and professional steps, thanks to a original infrastructure: a mezzanine equipped with computers is installed above the boxing hall. A very committed team of volunteers gives tutoring lessons there before training. The main role of Boxing Beats is to give them back the desire and hope to live in a better world for them.

Today, young French boxers are no longer satisfied with obtaining excellent sporting results, but are sensitive to the problems of injustice in general and especially to the hazardous future of certain adolescents, most of whom have no schooling, and often alone, facing their destiny. The goal of the Boxing Beats team is first of all to offer a path to young people from working-class backgrounds. A path along which they will learn boxing but also discipline, will, rigor, self-demand and everything that an athlete must acquire to go as far as possible, whether in his sporting life, in his social life or in his professional life.

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