01/09/2023 - Curry Camp 2023 Collection: The ultimate equipment for future champions

Curry Camp is more than just a basketball training camp . It is an unmissable event for young basketball talents, a unique experience that allows them to learn from the best and prepare for a brilliant future on the basketball courts. Hosted annually by Stephen Curry , in partnership with Curry Brand and Under Armor , Curry Camp is a celebration of passion for the game and a commitment to the next generation of hoopers.

Curry Camp: Nourishing the dreams of future champions

Curry Camp 2023

Curry Camp 2023

Each year, Curry Camp brings together talented young players from across the country, carefully selected by Stephen Curry himself. This is a unique opportunity for these young athletes to learn from the master of the three-point shot in person, hone their skills and receive sound advice on and off the court. But Curry Camp is more than just training, it's a holistic experience that aims to prepare these young athletes for professional life and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in the world of basketball.

Curry Camp 2023


“I am thrilled to once again partner with Under Armor and Curry Brand to make this camp happen, and I am excited to take the field to mentor this group of talented young athletes. Big things lie ahead for this group and "It means everything to me to play a role in growing the next generation of hoopers. They've worked hard to get to this point, and it's my role to add the fire that will take them to the next level."

- Stephen Curry , Basketball Professional and President of Curry Brand at Under Armour.

Curry camp 2023

The Curry Camp 2023 Collection: Gear Elevation

This year, the Curry Camp 2023 Collection lives up to the occasion. It includes an exclusive range of items designed to help participants push their limits on the court and proudly represent Curry Brand and Under Armor. Here's a look at what this incredible collection offers:

1. Curry Retro 4 “Curry Camp”:

Curry Retro 4 Curry Camp

Curry Retro 4 Curry Camp

These retro shoes are designed to combine style and performance. Inspired by the classic look, they offer exceptional comfort and superior grip on the pitch. Curry Camp participants will have the chance to lace up these iconic sneakers and feel the magic of basketball with every step.

2. Curry 4 FloTro “Curry Camp”:

Curry 4 FloTro Curry Camp

Curry 4 FloTro Curry Camp

Innovation meets style with these shoes. They are equipped with FloTro technology for optimal performance in the field. Their bold design sets them apart, affirming the unique character of those who wear them.

3. Curry Flow 11 “Curry Camp” (Exclusive Model):

Curry Flow 11 Curry Camp

Curry Flow 11 Curry Camp

The highlight of the collection, this shoe is an exceptional preview. It incorporates Under Armour's revolutionary Flow technology for unrivaled lightness and responsiveness. With its innovative design and exclusive colorway inspired by Curry Camp, this pair is a true treasure for participants.

4. Curry Camp Clothing for Performance:

Curry Camp Clothing

Curry Camp Clothing Curry Camp

The collection also includes a variety of clothing designed for action on the field. Shorts that offer complete freedom of movement, breathable t-shirts that wick away sweat, and tank tops for a statement style. Each piece is designed to improve athlete performance and comfort.

A collection serving excellence

Curry Camp and the Curry Camp Collection 2023 are not just an encounter with fame, but an opportunity for personal and athletic growth. These exclusive items embody Under Armor and Curry Brand's commitment to basketball and the next generation of athletes. They celebrate the talent, passion and dedication it takes to succeed in this demanding sport.

Get ready to push your limits with Curry Camp 2023

So whether you're a young basketball talent or a sports enthusiast, the Curry Camp 2023 Collection offers the ultimate gear to reach new heights on the court. Represent Curry Brand and Under Armor with pride, just like the future champions who attended Curry Camp. Explore this exclusive collection and be part of the next generation of hoopers. Basketball has never been so exciting!

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Source : Under Armor